Jun 3, 2014

Prodin's contribution to Skills Development:

The Gauteng Department of Education partnered with Ekurhuleni East College to up-skill unemployed persons to improve their chances of gainful employment.
Part of their program required Experiential On-the-job Training and Prodin was approached to assist in providing some of the Learners with the necessary training for one month.

Six learners were accommodated at Prodin, each under the guidance of a qualified artisan for their experiential training. The Prodin artisans provided knowledge, guidance and mentoring to each of the learners and ensured that their log books were signed off in every competence area required.

The Prodin team would like to thank Ekurhuleni East College for the opportunity to be a part of empowering our nation’s people to become the best they can be.

EEC-CEO Letter